2018 Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide


The Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide gathers together in one spot a compendium of mobile wallets, compiling their differing capabilities in an easy-to-compare format.


The 2018 Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide is a one-stop shop for some of the industry’s top mobile wallets, compiling their differing capabilities in an easy to compare format.

We asked mobile-wallet providers a wide range of questions about their product. Software developers provided us answers about their consumer-facing features as well as some other details that might not be important to everyday users such as security settings.

As talk of a cashless society continues to proliferate, it will be up to mobile wallet providers to develop the features necessary to make this kind of chatter a reality. And to do so, mobile wallets have to be more about payments.

How do today’s providers stack up to each other right now in that area? This guide acts as an answer to the question.

What’s included:

  • Detailed attributes for each mobile wallet such as target market, payment methods, POS compatibility, security requirements, P2P functionality and more
  • Contact information for each featured mobile wallet and its company
  • Exclusive commentary from editor, Will Hernandez, about recent events that have transpired in the industry

How does Mobile Payments Today define a mobile wallet?

In general, this is our interpretation of a mobile wallet based on multiple industry studies:

A mobile wallet can be a place where consumers can store and organize coupons, loyalty programs, payment cards, tickets, car-insurance identification and whatever else can be turned into a digital item from its original paper or plastic form. Some mobile wallets tout other features such as bill payment, comparison shopping, location-aware services, person-to-person payments functionality and social-media connectivity. It must have more than one of these features. If a mobile wallet was not available to the general public, we didn’t include it in the guide.

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